Finance Minister Bill English has not received any housing allowances since the end of July, a spokesman said today.

The announcement follows controversy that he was claiming a much higher allowance for living in the same house as a minister that he lived in as an opposition MP.

Mr English considers the Southland town of Dipton, in his electorate, to be his primary residence under parliamentary rules, but his family has lived in, and owned, a house in Wellington for years.

He admitted that it was "a bad look" and paid back the $12,000 difference in allowances.

Auditor-General Lyn Provost has asked for more information before deciding whether to investigate a complaint by Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton into the matter.

Today, a spokesman for Mr English said he has not claimed the allowance for the last two months while he considers the rules, Radio New Zealand reported.

Mr English will meet with the Auditor-General's office this afternoon.