The Government should hold a referendum to find out what Aucklanders think about the proposed super city before making them pay for changes, Labour says.

The Government agreed with a Royal Commission recommendation for a super city with one mayor, but made a number of changes to the commission's suggestion on how the super city would be organised.

Labour leader Phil Goff said the Government should hold a referendum to give Aucklanders a voice rather than "ramming changes through by special legislation".

"The Royal Commission consulted widely and undertook extensive analysis over 18 months before making its recommendations.

"These were changed fundamentally by National in a week without further analysis or consultation."

Mr Goff said with the reorganisation expected to increase rates by $550 it should be a case of "no taxation without representation".

The current proposals looked like a "jack-up" between National, ACT, Auckland City Mayor John Banks and a "small but powerful business elite", he said.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide and local councillors were meeting in Auckland this afternoon.

The Government rejected the commission's proposal for six local councils, instead opting for 20 to 30 community boards.

The Government also rejected the suggestion for three Maori councillors, saying the council could establish the positions itself if there was community support.

The Government also chose to have eight councillors elected by all Aucklanders and 12 from wards. The commission recommended a 10-10 split.

The first elections under the new structure will be in October 2010.