Lina Plioplyte

Running time:

72 mins



PG (coarse language)

Verdict: Diverting if slightly double-dealing

"It's inexcusable," one of the women in this small but diverting documentary remarks, "for a woman not to have her nails polished and have nice shoes."

If that sentence doesn't spin your wheels, you are probably not in the film's target market, although its makers might suggest that if you watch the movie, you will learn something.

The film takes its name from a blog of the same name by New Yorker Ari Seth Cohen, who has channelled his lifelong love of his grandmother into an online photographic tribute to women of a certain age (the youngest profiled is well into her seventh decade) who live to dress and to cut a dash on the streets of the city.

There are some fab characters here, all right, though the film is slightly double-dealing: its underlying message - that beauty is a state of mind and doesn't fade with age - is commendable, but in choosing such extravagant exemplars, it rather undermines any universal application.

The film struggles to sustain its length, too, but there is much to enjoy.


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