Each week the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB's Cooking The Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, why affordable homes are bucking the trend in a property market that's going flat. Hosted by Frances Cook.

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The property market seems to finally be slowing down.

Fewer listings are coming on to the market, those that are there are staying for longer, and in Auckland at least, the latest QV figures show prices have fallen 1.5 per cent.


It's far from a crash, but levelling off and some breathing space will be welcome news to many people at this point.

There's one very important exception though, and that's the smaller, cheaper end of the market.

OneRoof data shows that most of the activity is for houses under $1 million.

If a house is under $500,000 then QV says there's actually a shortage, with more buyers than sellers.

Anecdotally, real estate agents say the places getting the most interest are those with one or two bedrooms.

For the latest Cooking the Books I talked to OneRoof property commentator Ashley Church.

We discussed why smaller houses are bucking the trend, and whether a smaller home is a good bet for your monetary future.

The property market is flattening off - except for smaller houses

For the interview, watch the podcast video.

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