The White House toddler's had another Twitter tantrum. He gets so cross when anyone challenges what he says to his Twitter family of 62 million, seeming to believe what business is it of anyone else's. His cyber family obviously like what he says, the hearts tick over like a busy pokie machine, although so do the comments and the retweets.

Donald Trump reckons he can read the mood of the Democrats, better than they know what they're thinking themselves. Of course he can, he knows better than anyone else in the universe how people think, that's why he's the most popular President in the history of America.

The Democrats, after his first tweet telling four Congresswomen to go back to their broken and crime-infested countries, were trying to distance themselves from them but now they're forced to embrace them, he tweeted like a Tomtit. And what does that mean? he chirped. It means they are endorsing Socialism and hate Israel and the USA, which he tweeted, and it's not good for the Democrats.


See, that's how he reads politics, and who could argue with that? Well no one, because it's so preposterous.

They used to say it was hard to be a Kennedy. Well these days it must be impossible to be an American, although they can take some solace from the fact that three million more of them voted for Hillary Clinton than they did for the Trumpet. When you think about that, it's a bit like the outcome of the Cricket World Cup final at Lord's the other night where we bowled them out but lost finishing our innings with a wicket in hand!

The Twitter toddler's drawn criticism from throughout the world, the only one keeping his own counsel seems to be his bad-hair buddy, Britain's Boris Johnson, for obvious reasons.

But our politicians have responded to questions about it, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying she utterly disagrees with Trump, adding how proud she is of our diverse Parliament. Ardern says it's a place of different cultures and ethnicities and a judgment should never be made about their right to be in Parliament.

She expects her deputy Winston Peters, who's in Washington DC at the moment, "to reiterate our views there". Peters has a perfect platform, a speech to a conference on religious freedom, but don't hold your breath.

From left, Rashida Tlaib, llhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley respond to remarks by Trump after his call for four Congresswomen to go back to their
From left, Rashida Tlaib, llhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley respond to remarks by Trump after his call for four Congresswomen to go back to their "broken" countries. Photo / AP

The National Party's Simon Bridges says he wouldn't have said what Trump's been saying but he rightly doesn't think the President will be too worried about what politicians in this country are saying about his latest outburst.

Even though Bridges seemed to agree with his former maverick MP Jami-Lee Ross in a secret recording last year that two Chinese MPs were more valuable than two Indians, National is still the most ethnically diverse party in the place.

So what did the four Congresswomen do to incur the wrath of the Twitter toddler? They disagreed with him, they don't hate everything about America and love its enemies.


They're Democrats and he's a Republican - although on this one he seems to be a lone voice with colleagues of the view that if you argue with a fool, it just proves there are two.