Looking back, it has been a busy five months since I arrived in this beautiful region.
It has been a hectic half-year spent getting to know you, our readers, and the region itself. Hopefully, I have started the journey to figuring out what makes you tick.
Like everywhere else in New Zealand, there has been a lot of news: from whale strandings and shark attacks to the MenW outbreak, road accidents, tales of people in need and people in trouble.
Internationally, the ongoing craziness of the Trump administration, the Brexit debacle and fears of another global recession make me pleased I live in relatively stable Northland.
One of the most inspiring things I have experienced since my move here is the overwhelming generosity of the community.
Our Christmas appeal was, once again, a huge success this year, with hundreds of toys donated to kids in need. As you can see in the picture, it was walking room only in the Advocate's reception area.
Another example of the North's community spirit was evidenced in your support for Jim Morgan after his beloved dog, Sandy, was attacked by a pack of dogs and, tragically, had to be put down.
We saw a steady stream of people dropping cash and cheques into the office, or making offers of help.
One office team forfeited their secret Santa cash to donate to Jim. That's some Christmas spirit right there.
So thank you all for giving to our appeal and to Jim and for your loyalty over the past few months.
Take a break over the next week or two, and think what is to come in 2019. Whatever does happen in the next 12 months, we will be there to keep you up to speed with it all.
In the meantime, from me and the Advocate team, have a safe and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.