Paintergate 2 - sort of

Illustration made by John Key for Red Beach school gala back in 2001.
Illustration made by John Key for Red Beach school gala back in 2001.

Remember back in 2002 when Bill English kicked up a stink about then PM Helen Clark signing a painting that wasn't done by her for a charity auction? Yes, Paintergate. There was even a police complaint laid, I recall.

Fast forward a few years and ... above is an illustration made by John Key for a Red Beach school gala ... And the top is an image created by Prime Minister Bill English as part of the upcoming Art and Chocolate Exhibition on May 6 at the Orewa Arts Centre. Eerily similar to the one created by former PM John Key.

So did John Key leave a bunch of unsigned beehives in his PM drawer that Bill signed and passed off as his own? Or has Bill English just made a very well done imitation of JK's work? English himself has provided the explanation: "There are a number of things I admire about John Key, including his artistic ability. It started when I was asked by a charity to 'draw one the same because it sold well'. I'm always happy to help out charities," the Prime Minister said.

Little prince got a bargain

The cost of Prince George's uniform has been described by media outlets as "expensive" at $660. But is it? Really. A reader reckons not. "A quick check on the uniform costs for a Hamilton High School revealed that a basic uniform purchase which includes one pair of PE shorts and one PE shirt, a jacket and jumper for Waikato winters and two shorts and two shirts would cost $420.


Shoes and socks would be an additional cost. I think the reporter who wrote the headline 'Prince George's expensive John Lewis uniform for Thomas's School, Battersea' didn't realise that the little prince whose uniform cost $660 actually got a bargain. For that price he got 24 items, compared to 8 for $420 in Hamilton."

Art of the fart

Denise of Rothesay Bay writes: "In Ingmar Bergman's 1982 movie Fanny and Alexander, the children's uncle entertains them by blowing out candles with his accurately aimed farts, delighting the children ( and amusing movie audiences).

"During the late 19th century "Le Petomane" Joseph Pujol, performed as a 'professional farter' at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. He could draw air in and control the release of it to imitate farm animals, make other sound effects such as thunderstorms, perform songs and play the ocarina."

Bachelor's degree would help

Out of the mouths of pre-teens... A reader writes: "My 10-year-old son while watching The Bachelor reckons, 'if I was the bachelor, my first date for the girls would be a spelling, reading and maths test'."

Picture this: Massive alligators take a stroll across the fairway at California golf course...

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