Prank blown out of proportion

"The local high school held its sports day on Friday," writes Chris Bullen of Whakatane."And the public address system calling athletes for their events could be heard throughout the neighbourhood. During a break between races residents heard 'Would the boys who blew up that condom please report to the office ..."'

City folk just the ticket

"I have to tell you about the fantastic people in Auckland," writes someone new to town. "I was rushing for an appointment that I had to get to by train. Two ATMs were out of order, so I tried to find a ticket machine at the train station (as you find on the Northern Busway) - no luck. I thought it must be similar to the UK where you can use eftpos on the train if there isn't a place to purchase tickets at the station. I was wrong and I was told I would have to get off at the next stop. However, thanks to two very generous people, who paid my fare by cash, I was able to make my appointment. Lesson learnt - there aren't ticket facilities at every station in Central Auckland and I'll help the next person I see making the same mistake."


Pooh-poohing dropping drop-off

Mark Graham of Pt Chevalier says dog poo doesn't disappear over a couple of days ... "it sits around waiting for people to step in - that's why responsible dog owners pick the stuff up ... Our plastic wheelie bins actually remain owned by the council. Your Mt Eden resident who objected to the dog owner dropping her dog's poo into the bin has a misplaced sense of ownership over the right of anyone to deposit rubbish in the bin in question. Dog poo in a plastic bag in a plastic rubbish bin with a lid does not 'fester', ferment or emanate an odour. Your correspondent who deposited the dog poo into its proper receptacle was doing her civic duty and should be lauded, not hounded (if you'll excuse the pun)."

Momentum's the key

Brian Burton of Pukekohe reckons the "dangerous" truckload of wood pictured in Friday's Sideswipe would go forward, not backward, in a sudden stop. With the load the truck was carrying it wouldn't have been travelling fast and Sharon taking her eyes off the road and hands off the wheel was infinitely more dangerous, Brian says.