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Robin Brooke has finally found it fit to apologise to the two young teenagers he harassed during his New Year's Eve high jinks in Fiji.

Brooke's initial approach to media inquiries - dive-for-cover-and-hope-everything-blows-over - unfortunately epitomises the attitude of many who come under the spotlight.

One has to wonder what kind of advice the former All Black was receiving in the five weeks between the incident and his nationwide television apology.

He could have avoided a lot of heartache - and headlines - if he'd fronted up sooner. The families of the teens were clear from day one that all they wanted was a sincere apology. They weren't in it for money or fame.

Brooke's apology on Tuesday was genuine and heartfelt.

The matter is at an end. If anything comes from the incident, it should be that lawyers and public relations people don't always offer the best advice, and sometimes it's best to do the human thing.