Men are twice as likely as women to fiddle their work expense accounts, says an Australian study.

Workers aged over 55 who are big earners are apparently the worst.

A human resources specialist who canvassed 8000 people for the TMP Worldwide study found that accounting staff were the biggest offenders: 16.7 per cent of respondents violated company expense accounts - creatively, no doubt.

They were followed closely by those in sales and marketing.

Self-employed people were also likely to let their personal spending blend with their work expenses.

But it appears New Zealanders are far less likely to say "charge it" when it comes to work perks.

We've been outraged when our politicians, public servants and even district court judges have been shown to take extra licence.

Employers Federation chief executive Anne Knowles believes such abuse is not widespread.

"Ours is a far smaller society [than Australia]," she said, "and probably much more egalitarian."