Motorists are being asked to nark on drivers of smoky vehicles.

The Auckland Regional Council yesterday launched a $700,000 air pollution campaign with a plea to call 0800 SMOKEY to dob in vehicles seen belching smoke.

The council will then contact the owners and send them a letter offering a free emissions test.


ARC spokesman Kevin Mahon said drivers were sufficiently concerned about the effect of car pollution on the environment and health to report offenders.

Auckland was regularly exceeding guidelines on carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels at testing sites, and much of the pollution was coming from 20 per cent of the city's vehicles, he said.

"We are not bad compared to the worst cities in the world, but ... on 50 days we exceed world health standards at our monitoring sites.

"The Kiwi attitude is fairly anti dob-in, but in a survey 80 per cent of people were concerned ... about pollution, so I think the time is right for this campaign."

The campaign will run for five weeks with the 0800 number likely to continue past that date.

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