Police say Aucklanders have been generally compliant with the rules since the city was once again put into alert level 3 Covid-19 lockdown.

No arrests have been made in regards to any breaches of restrictions since Auckland was put into lockdown at midday on Wednesday, while the rest of the country went into alert level 2.

"Police have been busy across the region since Wednesday undertaking road policing activities and reassurance patrols across essential facilities such as supermarkets, pharmacies and Covid-19 sites.

"Our focus remains on engaging, encouragement and education with the public."


Authorities said officers on the ground reported motorists to be "generally compliant" when engaging with police staff.

There had been a noticeable reduction in traffic flow around the city and there had been no major changes to the nine checkpoints around Auckland since they were put in earlier this week.

Māori wardens have also been helping police at those checkpoints.

Figures from yesterday showed that by 4pm, a total of 40,865 vehicles had been stopped at one of those checkpoints.

Just over 600 of those vehicles were turned around for what police described as "undertaking non-essential travel".

"Police continue to remind people to be patient, be safe and avoid non-essential travel."