Police are making inquiries after a viral video circulated online that appeared to show a baby being given vodka.

Detective Senior Sergeant Eddie Sutherland confirmed police were making inquiries.

"We understand that members of our community found this video extremely concerning and we want to assure them that we will work closely with Oranga Tamariki on addressing this matter," Sutherland said.

"We are not in a position to comment further at this time."


Shocking video of 'ignorant' adult feeding baby vodka
Vodka video dad hits back as new photo emerges

An Oranga Tamariki spokesperson said they knew some people in the community found the video "disturbing" and they were continuing to work with police to establish the facts.

"We are unable to comment any further."

The man believed to be the father at the centre of a viral video has said on Facebook that the whole thing was a joke.

He said he would be an "idiot" if he let his daughter drink from the bottle - "I'm a father and my kids [are] my heart".

The short video appears to show a Long White vodka drink being poured into a baby's mouth by a woman, while a man sits nearby on a couch smiling.

Bottles of the New Zealand-made RTD contain 4.8 per cent alcohol.

The Ministry of Health's Deputy Director of Public Health, Dr Harriette Carr, earlier said they were "appalled" to hear of the video.


"The ministry does not recommend babies or children be given alcoholic drinks," she said.

"Alcohol has been shown to be harmful for the unborn child, babies and children, particularly affecting brain development."

A health expert also slammed the actions depicted in the video, with one calling it an "ignorant approach to alcohol" and saying both adults in the footage were being irresponsible.