About 40 police officers have evacuated a wealthy beachside reserve in east Auckland this afternoon after a brawl erupted between a large group of teenagers.

Mission Bay's Selwyn Reserve along Tamaki Dr has been cordoned off by dozens of police officers around 4.30pm today.

A witness at the scene said police were responding to a group of about 100 teenagers who had been fighting since 3.30pm.

Mission Bay's Selwyn Reserve being evacuated by police.
Mission Bay's Selwyn Reserve being evacuated by police.

"There was just this massive group of people and they were congregating, just walking around, but then you would see certain groups of people splitting off and start fighting each other.


"Then police start coming and all sorts of things happened.

"They just broke off into different groups and started throwing hands at each other. I'm not sure if they knew each other.

"I'd say maybe a hundred people were all grouped up on the reserve."

Police confirmed they were called to reports of a disorder incident involving a large number of teenagers on Tamaki Dr in Mission Bay about 3.30pm today.

"Upon police arrival, some of the teenagers involved continued to fight for a period of time," a police spokesperson said.

"Police staff from throughout Auckland were called to assist and a number of arrests have been made for fighting in a public place.

"Police have been speaking to a number of people at the scene and the crowd has since dispersed."

Police said they were not immediately aware of any serious injuries.


A separate witness at the scene said: "The whole of Mission Bay was full of youths drinking. It was inevitable they were going to brawl."

That witness said they called 111 twice and also visited Mission Bay police station but could not contact any officers.

Another witness at the scene said the fighting was between two separate groups of senior students from different schools, who had been congregating on the beach for the past week.

"There were some drunk young teens who were fighting down by Mission Bay House and in the car park there," another witness said.

"The whole things lasted about an hour. There were lots of kids hanging around drinking.

"We saw about 50 to 60 kids being pushed one way by police.

"We saw one or two arrests, police pushing people down and handcuffing a few teens."

Police presence at Mission Bay.
Police presence at Mission Bay.

Twenty-one police vehicles, including three buses, had arrived on the scene, according to witnesses.