A brazen thief made off with an Auckland rental car after snatching its keys from the office in broad daylight, sticking them down her pants.

The incident inside the office of Scotties Car Rentals on New North Rd, Eden Terrace around 11am yesterday was caught on camera.

Keith Scott, the owner of the Eden Terrace rental business, said his jaw hit the floor when he saw the footage, adding police were equally amazed.

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"I've not seen anything as brazen as that, we were just left gobsmacked and when the cops came up they were equally gobsmacked," he told the Herald.

"They wanted a copy [of the footage] immediately ... we had staff there working but it was so brazen, there's just no fear."

As staff worked on vehicles nearby, the woman was captured on CCTV walking into the office before waiting.

Do you know this person? Photo / Supplied
Do you know this person? Photo / Supplied

She could be seen looking towards the keys before scanning the surrounding area and putting them down her pants and leaving the office calmly.

The woman was wearing a cap, a pink jumper, grey pants and was wearing a backpack and had headphones on her head.

The stolen blue-coloured Corolla, with the number plate HCU701, had an estimated value between $12,000 and $15,000.

The keys were sitting on a desk in the office which sat towards the back of the premises which was laid-out like a car yard, Scott said.

When asked if it was normal practice for the keys to be left out in the open, Scott said his wife had quickly ducked away to the toilet.


She yelled out to the woman (the thief), telling her she wouldn't be long before assistance could be provided.

However, before Scott's wife exited the bathroom or before any other staff member assisted, the woman snatched the keys and put them down her pants.

The woman putting the keys down her pants. Photo / Supplied
The woman putting the keys down her pants. Photo / Supplied
The woman calmly left the office before taking the vehicle. Photo / Supplied
The woman calmly left the office before taking the vehicle. Photo / Supplied

"She's taken the keys, put them down her pants and then went out and stole the car with an accomplice who was outside," Scott said.

"We get hit by crime every week in Auckland and we need the public's help to stop it."

Anyone who recognised the woman or knew anything about the incident was asked by Scott to contact the police.

Police had been contacted by the Herald for comment and were working on a response when the article was published.

Elsewhere, two men were charged by police after stealing four cars from a New Lynn dealership in August.

In scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, thieves smashed their way into the dealership and stole the cars worth a collective $300,000.

A 2015 Porsche GT3, a Nissan 180SX track car, a 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V and a 2007 Honda Civic Type-R were all taken.

However, earlier this month the Herald revealed all four vehicles involved had since been recovered by police.