Playlists lauding the Christchurch shooter have appeared on Spotify, a music platform whose policy claims it does not permit content that "incites hatred or violence".

After 51 people died in the wake of the March 15 mosque shootings this year, a hard line has been taken toward online material that promotes white supremacy and the violence associated with it.

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But according to Newshub, several playlists hosted by Spotify have been named after the accused gunman. One of the playlists was named "Christchurch theme songs" and a cover photo on one of the playlists included a screen grab from the accused's livestream of the attack.


The playlists included songs the accused gunman is alleged to have played just before the shooting.

It is illegal to view or share the livestreamed video of the attack, which has been deemed "objectionable" by the Chief Censor. Several people have since faced charges for distributing the video in the days after March 15.

Chief Censor David Shanks has banned the livestream video of the mosque shootings, deeming it
Chief Censor David Shanks has banned the livestream video of the mosque shootings, deeming it "objectionable material". Photo / Mark Mitchell

Crimes committed under the Films, Video and Publications Classifications Act are punishable by imprisonment, with a maximum penalty of 14 years.

Spotify claimed it was unaware of the content until it was reported by Newshub.

"[We] have made the editorial decision to remove this profile and these playlists as they violate our user guidelines," a spokesperson told the media organisation.

"We realise how this content may be upsetting for users so we've decided to take swift action and remove it from the platform."