One ticket is now worth $16.5 million dollars - winning Powerball and a half-share of Division One in tonight's Lotto Draw.

That ticket was bought from Woody's Winners in Wellsford.

The ticket that shares Division One but missed out on Powerball was bought by a Wellington player on MyLotto.

Stike Four eluded players, and jackpots to Wednesday night.


Tonight's big win is the 18th First Division Lotto-winning ticket sold by Woody's Winners

It is the biggest win since January which was $22 million and went to a winner in Inglewood. That ticket was sold at the Inglewood Book Centre.

Since then, five more wins of $10 million or more have been secured via Powerball First Division.

Tonight's winning numbers were: 4, 5, 13, 22, 24 and 28.

The bonus number was 6, and the Powerball number was 6.

Strike numbers were: 5, 13, 22 and 24.

Last year 45 Kiwis became overnight millionaires via Lotto wins.

There was a $16.2 million win in April.


The Auckland winner told the Herald after the win: "This is completely life-changing for us. We're going to invest most, help out friends and family and give to charity. Oh, and we'll do some travel too… actually we could probably go to the Rugby World Cup now."

In January, the North Island town of Feilding was abuzz after a $10 million ticket was sold there. It was the 10th big win from tickets sold at the Feilding Video Centre.

"We trade on the fact we are Feilding's lucky Lotto store," Lotto operator Ann Heap said.

In 2016, one young couple from Hibiscus Coast secured a $44m windfall after striking Powerball.

One of the winners only found out about the new riches after checking the ticket during a "smoko break".

Powerball First Division wins this year

• July 20, $16.5 million, Woody's Winners, Wellsford

• June 15, $10.2 million, Whitcoulls The Base

• May 22, $9.2 million, MyLotto

• May 1, $5.5 million, Taipa Foodmarket

• April 24, $5.3 million, MyLotto

• April 17, $16.2 million, MyLotto

• March 13, $11 million, Unichem Stortford Lodge

• February 16, $5.5 million, MyLotto

• February 9, $8 million, MyLotto

• January 26, $10 million, Feilding Video Centre

• January 2, $22.3 million, Inglewood Bookcentre