"They are devoted to each other. They've had a rough life, worked hard all their lives and now they're at the end of their tether and finding things pretty tough. I do think she's away with the fairies some of the time but even so I think she does most of the work," said Meg McPhail who plays Laura in Repertory Theatre's production Ugly Customers.
"They're old school with traditional divisions of labour but he's quite crippled now so she has to do most of the jobs around home. There's just the two of them. They had no children but they did have a cat."

What does 'Harold' think? "Well, he's frustrated. He feels disempowered, especially since he's needed a walker to help him get around. He's lost all his money too," said Chris Stedman who plays the part of Harold in Ugly Customers.
"Laura and Harold had some bad luck and their business went bust through no fault of their own. Now all they've got is the pension and a council flat. When the council made them get rid of their cat, well that was the last straw.
"Harold doesn't like the bank manager. She's got a lot of aggression and Harold's trying to get her to speak nicely to people, to be kind, but I don't think he has much luck. Old age can be tough."

Do you think that Harold and Laura are victims? "Yes. Well, they feel that they're victims. Really we're all victims of the system," said Chris.
Although it's an entertaining play, Ugly Customers has a serious message and will be well worth a trip to see it.

Ugly Customers, written by Jow Musaphia and directed by Phil Hudson, is on stage at Repertory Theatre on May 31, June 1, 6, 7 and 8 at 7.30pm, and June 2 at 2pm.
Tickets from Royal Wanganui Opera House.