Dee Brough's eyes twinkled as she discussed her role of the bank manager in Repertory Theatre's May production of Ugly Customers.
"Phil (director, Phil Hudson) makes it so much fun. We always start on time with a warm-up exercise that gets us laughing and enjoying being together. After rehearsing for an hour we stop for a 10-minute break then back into it for another hour. It's well organised and of course the play's very funny."

Dee's involvement with theatre began when her children were in the gang shows.
"Dave and I would be backstage while the children were on stage. I'd be stage managing or something for the gang shows at the opera house. Later my son Robbie was doing lighting and sound at Repertory and he encouraged me to become involved too. He thought I'd enjoy it and I did."

Currently Dee's working at UCOL as the branch president of the Tertiary Education Union ... not a bank manager by profession.
The bank manager that Dee plays in Ugly Customers "thinks a lot of herself", according to Dee.
"She's very ambitious, snooty and arrogant. She doesn't mix with her staff at all." I definitely got the impression that friendly, outgoing Dee doesn't much like the bank manager's character, so different from herself. Of course it's a good comedic ploy to have one super-uptight character to contrast with all the wackiness around them.

What were Dee's favourite roles?
"Well, I liked being 'Nursey' in Black Adder. I just sat on the revolve and was wheeled around. I never once made a late entrance," Dee giggled.
"I enjoyed being in Tea for Two at Four Seasons years ago too. I'm enjoying Ugly Customers' rehearsals now. The set's all there which makes rehearsing easier and being back at Rep is like coming home."


Dee's enthusiasm is infectious.

Get along to Repertory Theatre, May 10 to 18 and join in the fun.