Two business associations are miffed at Auckland Transport for the lack of consultation over closing part of Parnell Rd to build three pedestrians crossings.

"What is utterly staggering is a single week's warning of pretty significant work," said Parnell Business Association general manager Cheryl Adamson.

She and Newmarket Business Association chief executive Mark Knoff-Thomas fully support the raised pedestrian crossings to improve safety through the shopping centre in historic Parnell, but are not impressed with AT's consultation over the road closure.

On Saturday, AT will close one lane of Parnell Rd for two weeks, including Easter. City-bound traffic will be diverted down St Stephens Ave, Gladstone Rd and The Strand.


Adamson said some retailers, cafes and restaurants are busy over Easter and on Anzac Day, saying a heads up of one week is barely enough time to let businesses and tour buses plan for the changes.

"Recent works in Quay St have already impacted traffic along The Strand and long tailbacks are developing in several rat runs in Parnell as commuters from St Heliers and Mission Bay try to avoid Tamaki Drive or exit along The Strand"," she said.

Knoff-Thomas said he is concerned about the knock-on effect of the road closure on the transport network, saying "the frustration for us is that no one from AT has bothered to pick up the phone or email to give us a heads up so we can work on a communications plan to help mitigate some of the anticipated congestion issues".

He said working with AT was a case of taking two steps forward and three steps back.

"The sheer size of AT means they are the most unco-ordinated goliath that struggles to maintain communications within their own organisation let alone with key stakeholders," Knoff-Thomas said.

Mark Knoff-Thomas, chief executive of the Newmarket Business Association in Auckland.
Mark Knoff-Thomas, chief executive of the Newmarket Business Association in Auckland.

He cited the recent example a new traffic light-controlled crossing on Khyber Pass Rd where there was "no consultation, no heads up, no timeframes, no warning, nothing."

An AT spokesman said "we are sorry that the two businesses associations are not happy with this timeline but businesses in Parnell have been asking for this work to be done".

"Our engineer advised Cheryl Adamson on March 21 that construction was scheduled over Easter and this was confirmed on April 3."


The spokesman said the work is being done over two weeks from April 13 to April 28 during the school holidays when roads are quieter and Easter when businesses are closed for two days.