The stream of strange antics involving Dunedin's Lime e-scooters continues with members of a metal band sparking up a "durrie" from a front-wheel burnout.

In a video posted on social media the long-haired members of Australian metal band Copia and Auckland metal band Seas of Conflict laugh as they use the scooter to light up a cigarette.

The bass player for Copia posted the video on Instagram saying it was "the happiest moment of my life".

He told the ODT the guitarist for Seas of Conflict lit the cigarette while the two bands were hanging out before a gig.


"We just met up with our mates again after getting a flight from Auckland and one thing turned into another and we were lighting durries off lime wheels.

"Nothing out of the ordinary to be honest."

While in Dunedin he got the "vibe" e-scooters were not very popular among some in the city and said someone swerved at them while they were riding along the road.

The two bands played at Dunedin venue Fifty Gorillas late last month and the video was filmed earlier that day.

The latest Lime antics come after someone was filmed sitting on a La-Z-Boy attached to a Lime e-scooter and riding it the wrong way down a cycle lane.

After that a pair were filmed riding on a bed attached to two scooters.

Revellers set fire to a number of Lime e-scooters on Saint Patrick's Day

This article was first published on the Otago Daily Times website.