Hendrix John Kahia, 35, has been found guilty of murdering Wiremu Birch at Taupō on October 11, 2013.

The jury trying him in the High Court at Rotorua took two hours to reach its verdict.

Immediately after it was delivered Kahia began to address the judge telling him the copy of the question trial he'd been provided with differed from another copy and demanded to know which one the jury had received.

Justice Edwin Wylie told him to take the matter up with his lawyer but when she approached Kahia in the dock he counted to speak, his voice rising to a shout.


The judge ordered Corrections officers to remove him from the court.

At that point Kahia's supporters in the public gallery began to swear and shout out too, some yelling "I love you, my bro". The judge also had them removed.

Apologising to the jury for the disturbance, Justice Wylie thanked them for their service saying it was obvious to him they had given the trial careful attention.

He issued them with one further direction – that they keep their jury room deliberations confidential and not discuss them with anyone.

He remanded Kahia without conviction to appear for sentencing on April 16, noting this date may yet change.

When the trial began on February 11, Crown prosecutor, Chris Macklin, claimed it was Kahia who stabbed a grossly intoxicated Birch three times, one stab proving fatal in a confrontation on Taupō's Hinekura Ave.

He noted Birch had affiliated to the Mongrel Mob while Kahia and three others he was with had ties to Black Power.

Kahia's lawyer, Elizabeth Hall of Wellington, argued it was one of the men with Kahia who had been the stabber, urging the jury to support this contention.