The sole witness called by the defence in the murder trial of Hendrix John Kahia was unable to remember claiming to police a Crown witness threatened to kill him or telling him he'd stabbed a man in Tauranga.

Kahia, 35, has been on trial in the High Court at Rotorua for seven days where he's denied a charge of murdering Wiremu Birch, 19, at Taupō on October 11, 2013.

Called today by Kahia's lawyer, Elizabeth Hall, Hematate John Cairns-Hakiwai of Invercargill repeatedly said he couldn't remember making various claims about what the Crown witness said and did when he made a statement to police in December 2014.

This included alleging the Crown witness said if anything happened to his partner while she was visiting Queenstown with Cairns-Hakiwai's partner he would kill him (Cairns-Hakiwai) or standing over him with a knife.


Taking Cairns-Hakiwai through the statement he agreed with Hall he signed it as true and correct but had since lost any recollection of making the claims she was questioning him about.

"It's too long ago, I don't remember."

Hall put to him the Crown witness had told him he'd stabbed a man in Tauranga, had driven "the car" and was a patched Black Power gang member. Again, her witness was unable to remember but agreed he's said so in his statement.

Other allegations the statement contained were the Crown witness had threatened Cairns-Hakiwai by saying he'd spoken to his stepfather in the North Island who was going to come south and bash him with a baseball bat, that the Crown witness was raging and had grabbed a boning knife lunging at him with it.

"You said [in the statement] he was pointing it at your stomach, you believed his intention was to stab you and the mother of your son, then 5," Hall queried.

"If it says so in the statement," Cairns-Hakiwai responded.

Questioned by Crown prosecutor Chris Macklin, Cairns-Hakiwai said his memory of that night was a blank because a lot had gone on since then.

The Crown and defence are scheduled to advance closing arguments tomorrow.