A rising Taupō motorsport star standing trial for having sexual connection with a minor says he is being targeted.

Faine Kahia, 22, is on trial in the Rotorua District Court charged with one count of having sexual connection with a young person aged 15 on the night of May 6, 2016.

At the time Kahia was 19.

The alleged offence happened at the girl's house after her parents went away for the weekend and she invited some friends to her house. Those friends invited more friends and alcohol was consumed.


It's the Crown's case Kahia, described in court as an "up and coming young driver", had sex with the girl after she had fallen asleep after drinking and did not give consent.

However, it is Kahia's defence that he wasn't aware the girl was only 15 and she had given her consent.

Kahia said in his police interview, which was played to the jury, that he believed he was being targeted by "manipulative" girls.

"I feel she knew who I was and she was trying to target me. This could have been her goal."

Crown prosecutor Anna McConachy told the jury of 10 women and two men they had to consider whether Kahia took steps to find out the girl's age, whether he believed on reasonable grounds she was over 16 and whether the girl consented.

"She said she was asleep at the time and the law says you can't consent to sex if you are asleep."

In tearful evidence, the girl said she had not drunk much alcohol before and wanted to see what it was like.

Throughout the night she became intoxicated and vomited. When asked where she was on a scale of intoxication from zero to 10, the girl said she was probably eight.


The girl, her friend and Kahia were sitting together on a couch before the girl decided to go upstairs to bed in her parents' room. She said she couldn't sleep in her own bed because one of her friends had vomited in it.

She said Kahia, her friend and another young man who had been at the house followed her upstairs and they all got into bed.

The girl said she remembered saying to her friend she didn't want them (Kahia and the other young man) there anymore.

Her friend and the other young man left, but Kahia stayed in the bed.

She said she fell asleep but woke to find Kahia sexually violating her. She said she tried to move forward in the bed but fell asleep again.

"I couldn't stay awake ... Then I woke up to him having sex with me."


Under cross examination from Kahia's lawyer, Warren Pyke, the girl denied she had earlier unbuckled Kahia's belt while she was sitting on the couch with Kahia and her friend.

"I would not do that with my friend sitting on the couch with me, it's not something that I would do."

She also denied she told Kahia they could have sex and that she was on the contraceptive pill.

Pyke asked her if she continued interacting with Kahia afterwards and she agreed they maintained friendly text conversations the next day and he added her on Snapchat.

When McConarchy asked her why she replied to the texts, the girl said she only replied because she was too scared.

Pyke also asked the girl if she had in fact had consensual sex with Kahia and then regretted it once friends found out and decided to say it was not consensual before it "got out" and her mother found out. She said no.


When repeatedly questioned whether she could be sure of what she was saying, because of the alcohol she had consumed, the girl said she could.

The girl's mother gave evidence, saying her daughter was always "sensitive and conservative and had good friends".

She said her daughter had never been left alone before but she was happy to leave her with her best friend, whose parents lived right across the road.

She said she didn't notice anything untoward when they got home and it wasn't until Sunday June 26, 2016 when she tucked her into bed that she told her what had happened.

In Kahia's police video evidence, Kahia said a friend asked him to go to the girl's house for drinks.

He said he got the impression the girl was attracted to him but he stayed "chill" and was hanging out with his friends.


He said he had a blanket over him while they were sitting on a couch and she put her hands down his pants. He said that later in her parents' bed, she "grabbed" him sexually but they didn't have sex. He said he wanted to go to sleep because he had training early the next morning.

However, he said when his alarm went off the next morning one thing led to another and she said it was fine to have sex.

"I feel targeted, it's completely wrong and it's not true. I am smart enough to know the consequences if that was all true ... I don't deserve this. This is not me.

"She was pretty much following me the whole night with her tail wagging."

When asked further about why he felt he was targeted, he said: "This position we are in right now, that's the goal ... She finally found the opportunity."

The charge carries a maximum imprisonment of 10 years. The trial is before Judge Tony Snell and is set down for three days. The Crown finished its case today and the defence did not call any evidence.