Police recruiting officers might like to note the names of Dargaville teens Codie Preston and Kayden Wilson for the future after they helped find a stolen mountain bike.

The two good mates, both aged 14, showed all the signs of super sleuths when they were briefed by the distressed bike owner.

The drama started on December 6 when a group of campers from Whakapirau, destined for Kai Iwi Lakes, stopped at Dargaville Countdown for supplies and a break.

"We had a loaded trailer towed by one car and another car with four bikes on the back, five children and driver," Niki Le Mesurier said.


"Against our better judgement and experience we didn't leave someone with the cars, bikes and trailer to ensure security. So sadly on returning from Countdown we discovered the last bike on the bike rack had been stolen."

A green Avanti bike was gone.

Calls were made to the police but as it was a Sunday they were unable to contact the boys and girls in blue.

One of the adults went into the supermarket to see if there was security camera footage of the heist but came back unsuccessful.

"While we were figuring out what to do and where to start looking, a young boy rode up to us. He had a Go Pro on his helmet and walkie talkie," Le Mesurier said.

While Codie hadn't seen the theft take place he offered to search nearby streets quickly on his bike with the help of his mate Kayden. It was an offer quickly taken up by the owner of the stolen bike.

"So off he went talking to his friend on the walkie talkie. Then (we) saw both boys ride off in the opposite directions. We waited and kept trying to get hold of the police. Ten minutes later Codie returned with great news."

The two local teens had discovered a man loading a bike matching the description into a white van. Codie approached the man and asked where the bike had come from.

In explanation the man said he had found the bike in nearby bushes and thought it odd so was taking it to the police station.

Codie informed him that he thought it may be stolen and he knew where from. He asked the man to follow him to the Countdown carpark.

"The white van pulled up and sure enough it was the stolen bike. The guy was trying to tell his daughters they couldn't keep the bike that he was taking it to the police station. They were very disappointed it was a stolen bike," Le Mesurier said.

"We are so very grateful to Codie and Kayden. If they had not been so helpful and gone looking, we would have lost the bike.These boys didn't have to help us, but they did."

Kayden said he was considering a career as a professional mountain biker but after the incident policing was also an option.