A missing diver in Maketu has been located and was airlifted to the beach by a rescue helicopter.

A police spokeswoman said a St John Ambulance was coming from Tauranga to further assess the man's condition.

A Maketu coastguard spokesman said the man who had been floating in the water for about five hours had been assessed at the scene by medical staff and was in "doing okay".

The diver may not require to be taken through to Tauranga Hospital, he said.


Police, Coastguard, surf lifeguards and a rescue helicopter were all involved in an extensive search for a missing diver,

The police spokeswoman earlier said the report that a male diver was missing from the beach of Town Point Rd came in about 5.15pm tonight.

Four units from police, including the Search and Rescue staff, the local coastguard, and a rescue helicopter which was expected to be in the air about 6.15pm, were all searching for the driver, she said.

The spokeswoman said a 111 call was made by the driver's companion after the man failed to surface at the time he was expected to do so.