Love fashion but want to be waste free? Want a new look without having to throw out last month's clothes?

Then go to the library - the clothes library.

It's like a toy library – but with stylish clothes that you borrow and then exchange each month.

Katie Hine is completing a Graduate Diploma in environmental waste management and for four years has been working towards zero waste.


In this series, Katie shares her top tips to reduce waste in 2019.

6 - Clothes

Carousel Clothing Library is at the forefront of a growing trend toward sustainable fashion.

"Instead of buying items you sign up for a membership, keep them for up to a month, then return them and swap them out for a new outfit," Carousel Owner, Sarah Wolf said.

Katie is a member of Carousel so she can avoid 'fast fashion' which tends to be unethically produced. Membership of the clothing library enables her to wear new clothing, without the expense.

After four years, Katie has discovered many simple ways to cut down waste. Her blog is at

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