High-profile escort Lisa Lewis is threatening a lawsuit against Hamilton-based company Game Kings for using her name in "party game" Kiwis Against Morality.

Coined from US game Cards Against Humanity, the New Zealand version was played using a similar concept where players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases deemed offensive on playing cards.

The card Lewis featured in read: "as exhausted as Lisa Lewis' after a week at Fieldays..." which she deems incorrect and defaming of character.

"I don't even work at Fieldays, I usually try to get out of Hamilton at the time of year," she told the Herald.


Lewis - who first became famous after streaking at an All Blacks rugby test and selling the bikini she'd worn on Trade Me - said it felt wrong her name had been used without her consent.

"I contacted the company and got a one-line response so I have emailed my lawyer and will be taking legal action," she said.

Eliot Jessep, owner of Game Kings, who make "Kiwis Against Morality", says: "At Game Kings we're big fans of Lisa Lewis. Stoked she noticed our game".

"We would have loved to have worked with Lisa more intimately to produce her card, but we're open to collaborations in the future," he added.

He told the Herald the company intends to rebut Lewis' claim of defamation of character.