The Lime scooters that have quickly gained popularity in Auckland and Christchurch, are launching in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt today.

The scooters will be available throughout the Hutt Valley, with an aim to provide commuters with connectivity to public transport.

Lime launched in the country mid-October with 600 dock-free scooters in Auckland, and 400 in Christchurch.

The US-based ride sharing company had already recorded more than 500,000 rides in New Zealand by the end of November.


The app was also the most downloaded in the country within the first 24 hours of launching.

But the e-scooters have also been criticised by some members of the public who have reported incidents ranging from pedestrians being run into, scooters being left in dangerous places, and multiple people trying to ride the one scooter.

Since their launch, there had been hundreds of public insurance claims for injuries caused by the scooters, according to figures by ACC.

It's not the first Lime had been touted for Wellington's market. The idea was brought up last month for Wellington City but gained mixed feelings from councillors.

Councillor Brian Dawson said footpaths were for feet first and foremost, and that it would take some convincing for him to say yes to the e-scooters.

Meanwhile, councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman said legislation needed to catch up with the mode of transport and it was bizarre people could ride e-scooters on footpaths and the road but not on cycleways.