Rare, medium-rare or well-done?

It is a topic that can sometimes be polarising and even spark heated debate on the dinner table - exactly how you have your steak.

And New Zealanders have overwhelmingly answered that a medium-rare steak is the best kind.

An informal survey on Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Facebook page showed 42 per cent of people liked their steaks cooked medium-rare.


A total of 17 per cent of participants of The Great Steak Debate survey said they liked their steaks cooked medium, 11 per cent voted for medium-well and 23 per cent said they liked their steaks on the blue side, voting for rare.

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Posted by Beef and Lamb New Zealand on Sunday, 18 November 2018

Of the 1400 people who voted, 106 (7 per cent) said they liked theirs well-done - something the majority would probably consider to be a cardinal sin.

Angus Pure, the company that won the coveted Steak of Origin title last year, backed the majority vote.

Chairman Tim Brittain said: "We're delighted our great, steak-loving nation has voted this way.

"Of course, it always comes down to personal preference. But we...feel that if you want to get the most from our delicious product, then medium-rare is the perfect balance between taste and tenderness.''