The latest livestock killings on the Taieri have local farmers "scared stiff", as those responsible for mass stock shootings earlier this year remain at large.

One farmer said yesterday he was worried about the mental state of those who had shot 10 of his sheep earlier this year, leaving them for dead in his back paddock.

Earlier this week in East Taieri, three more lambs were shot in the head and killed, nine months after a spate of similar incidents at farms near Otokia-Kuri Bush Rd, Akatore Rd, Takitakitoa Rd and Rongahere Rd, in Beaumont.

Nine lambs, a ewe, two cattle beasts, a cow and a bull were shot, but no meat was gathered from the animals.


The sheep belonged to Kuri Bush farmer Peter McLeod, who said yesterday he was still wary of running stock near the back paddocks where the ewe and lambs were killed.

"The whole block up there, I'm a bit nervous about."

But the 50-year-old remained resolute and unwilling to be intimidated.

Mr McLeod said his father had farmed in the same area south of Brighton, and had also lost stock to rustling and shooting decades ago.

However, poachers back then would have harvested meat from the animals, he said.

"All that was left was heads and hocks."

He questioned what this year's shooters were capable of in the future, given they had seemingly shot his stock for entertainment.

"The question is, what's next?"


Several of the farmers who lost stock, and many in the local farming community, have criticised police for a lack of progress on the investigation and poor communication.

Sergeant Kevin Davidson, of Mosgiel, said the investigation was ongoing and he had spoken with another person of interest last week.