A new scam involving newspaper advertisements is predicted to potentially leave people thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Police have been alerted to a scam that involves newspaper advertisements offering to pay £500 a week to anyone willing to have their vehicle wrapped in branding for an energy drink.

Police understand the scammers send a cheque for £6500 ($12,647), along with instructions for the recipient to bank it, keep £500 and transfer the remaining amount — before the cheque clears — to another account to pay for the vehicle wrapping.

The cheque will then bounce, leaving the recipient out of pocket.


"While we're not aware of anyone falling for the scam, it has been reported to us, and it's a reminder to be extra vigilant — if something seems too good to be true, it probably is," Stratford Public Safety Team Constable Cameron Hunt said.

"The ads ran in newspapers about mid-June and the cheques are now arriving from the United Kingdom.

"Anyone who has received one of these cheques is urged not to bank it."

Anyone who believes they are a victim of the scam should report the matter to their local Police.

Netsafe and Consumer Protection NZ also provide helpful advice and information on their websites.