There are some mean, dispassionate buggers out there.

Every time I talk on radio about Jacinda Ardern having a baby the hosts get bombarded with nasty texts and emails, telling them they're not interested, it's no big deal, get over it, move on to something that's actually interesting.

To my mind it's incredible to think that our Prime Minister having a baby, isn't interesting, even if it was announced seven months ago.

It's only the second time in history that a leader's given birth while in office, the last was way back in 1990 when Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto's daughter was born.


Unlike my colleague Mike Hosking, I'm not embarrassed being part of the media in this country and don't accept it's lost the plot over the Prime Minister.

Like or dislike Ardern, the fact was that she was in hospital giving birth and that's a story, certainly that's the view of media outlets around the world, just as it was when Bhutto gave birth.

After the baby girl was born late yesterday, news of it flashed around the world, television and radio programmes were interrupted and newspaper websites were flooded with the news.

It's true that giving birth is something that happens every single day.

But this is a leader having a baby and that's what makes it almost uniquely different, setting it apart from just any other woman giving birth, and that's not to diminish the amazing experience for most new parents.

It's not true to say that this is a regurgitation of the same thing that we've been talking about for months on end.

After the initial blush at the beginning of the year, it's hardly been mentioned, other events like the coalition Government's bumpy ride since taking office, have rightly dominated the news with a responsible media holding the Beehive to account.

There's no embarrassment in that.


But Hosking's embarrassment, he suggests, will be exacerbated with the aftermath of the birth.

Of course there'll be ongoing media interest, that's unavoidable.

Ardern emerging from the hospital, will be the first onslaught, and why not?

Most reasonable and engaged people will be interested in seeing the Prime Minister's baby.

My bet though is the media will respect Ardern's request for privacy, made to each media outlet individually, while she learns over several weeks to be a mum.

Just before she returns to work, she'll do a round of interviews which no doubt the embarrassed Hosking will participate in.

So all of you miserable buggers who work yourselves into a lather after it's talked about on air, there's a simple way to keep the blood pressure down - switch off!