A ballsy move by a man to get transport authorities to fix a road riddled with potholes has resulted in the damage being repaired.

Auckland Transport has answered a reply for help from local man Geoff Upson to fix a piece of road outside his home on Kahikatea Flat Rd, in Waitoki, Rodney.

Upson made headlines just over two weeks ago after he drew two giant penises over the potholes in a bid to get AT's attention; when his calls for the damage to be repaired went unanswered for about 18 months.

Upson has since shared the happy news that the potholes - and his artwork - have been removed.


On a video posted to Facebook, he proudly shows off the newly sealed road.

"Been just over two weeks since my video, which went viral and uh ... success! Mission accomplished.

"We have now got a nice, beautiful repair about 50m long and they've even gone and done a bit of extra because they've done the job in winter, they've gone and put some sort of rubber seal on the join."

Upson thanked Auckland Transport - who earlier acknowledged their disappointment at the "offensive graffiti" - and indicated his crusade to get potholes removed might not be over.

"So, thank you, Auckland Transport.

"I still think it's a bit of a shame that it took such drastic action to get the problem solved and I'm hoping that we get some of the other potholes in the area fixed, the same as this."