A teenage girl sold up to five times a day for sex with random men by her own mother will stay in New Zealand and has been granted residency.

She can now live, work and study in New Zealand and will not live in constant fear of deportation.

Last month Kasmeer Lata was jailed for almost seven years for using her teenage daughter as a sex slave and selling her body to men about 1000 times over a two-year period.

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She sold her daughter as many as five times a day, charging men up to $200 per session.


Lata moved to New Zealand with her children from Fiji after her marriage broke up.

Their visitor visas expired and they began living as illegal immigrants.

The teen was unable to enrol in school without alerting immigration authorities and the family soon ran out of money to pay for food.

Lata began working as a prostitute and told her 14-year-old daughter she needed to start doing the same to help support the family financially.

Despite refusing, the teen was sold for the first time the day she turned 15.

The teen, who has permanent name suppression, fled to police in November 2016.

Lata was convicted of dealing in slaves and receiving earnings from commercial sexual services from an underage person.

Her partner Avneensh Sehgal has pleaded guilty to dealing in underage people for sexual exploitation and receiving earnings from underage sexual exploitation and will be sentenced later this month.


Until today, the teenager has had no legal status in New Zealand and lived in fear every day that she would be deported.

Without status she could not work, attend school or take up any other studies.

The Herald can now reveal that Immigration New Zealand advised her this morning that she had been granted residency.

She is now able to work and study - and live in New Zealand permanently.

The young victim did not want to comment further on her case.

But she spoke exclusively to the Herald following her mother's sentencing.

"I just wanted my mother to acknowledge what she had done, by pleading guilty she showed me that she was sorry - that she knows what she has done is wrong," she said.

"Now it's over - everything is over and I am free to live the life I always wanted to have.

"I was scared to death, but now I am comfortable."