Autumn has arrived but it appears summer is still hanging in there as warm temperatures are forecast for Auckland throughout the week.

Joggers are jogging and anglers are fishing as many were out and about today enjoying the warm and moist weather.

Meanwhile a tropical depression between Vanuatu and Fiji that may develop into a tropical cyclone is unlikely to hit the nation.

"We have a northeasterly airflow which is bringing down this warm and moist air from the tropics, it is why it is warm and sticky," MetService meteorlogist Tom Adams said.


"There has been a low pressure to the east of the country which has been slowing it down."

In the Bay of Plenty Kawerau was the hottest place in the nation, reaching 31.8C.

Up north in Auckland the airport reached 26.1C.

Warm weather around the mid-20s is expected for Auckland throughout the week, cooling to 24C on Friday.

The tropical depression in the Pacific Islands was "looking unlikely to touch New Zealand, the odds are it won't", Adams said.

"From Friday onwards it will move into NZ waters. It won't pass over the country like Cyclone GIta did."

Hawkes Bay and Gisborne could have heavy rain and strong swells by Thursday and Friday, Adams said.