A Sir Bob Jones column which said "had it not been for migrants, mainly Brits, not a single Māori alive today" would exist, has been deleted from the National Business Review (NBR) website.

The content of the column has been called "inappropriate" by NBR and has been slammed by social media users.

In the column Jones suggested a public holiday "where Maori bring us breakfast in bed or weed our gardens, wash and polish our cars and so on".

"We should introduce a new public holiday, Maori Gratitude Day, in place of the much disdained Waitangi Day."


The column appeared in print on Friday February 2.

NBR has been approached for comment, but did tweet on February 5 "Sir Bob Jones' latest column has been removed from NBR's website, due to inappropriate content".

Outrage was expressed by NBR readers after the column was pulled from the website.

James Fluker said the correct response would be to "immediately stop publishing columns from Bob Jones indefinitely" and called for the resignation of somebody in the editorial team at NBR.

"Clearly, editorial standards are lower than they should be."

While another, Merewyn Groom, said the removal of the column was a "bit bloody late" advising NBR to ditch Jones "permanently".

"Time for Sir Bob to go out to pasture."

Another Twitter user said Jones had drawn out the "haters" who demanded free speech for themselves but also demanded others may not have free speech.


"Sad that NBR agrees with them."