A Katikati family have started a small business which has big aspirations for tiny homes.

Gina Stevens has been the creative force behind Build Tiny Ltd, collaborating with brother-in-law Jason Airey and friend Steve Cave to bring her ideas to fruition.

The extended family have all pitched in to support the growing business, having designed and built two models, with a third on the way soon.

Stevens said with Tauranga found to be the most unaffordable region in the country, perhaps it was time to consider tiny house living as an alternative to traditional housing.


Tiny houses were unique because they were on large double axle trailers, she said.

This means they're mobile like a caravan, but have a much more homey feel, as they were designed for a more permanent style of living or could be used as a bach.

"At 17 to 20sq m tiny house design is about making the most of small spaces using clever space-saving and multi-purpose ideas," Stevens said.

"Although small, tiny houses have all the features needed to live comfortably."

To be safely towed on New Zealand roads, tiny houses' weight is limited to 3.5 tonnes. This means planning, design and careful consideration of building materials is very important.

Each Tiny Build design would be available in three stages, ranging from a lockable shell to a full build.

There's also scope within these models for upgrades and customisations. Build Tiny also works with clients on custom builds.

For those who did not have access to services, tiny houses could be designed to be sustainable and completely off-grid, using water tanks, composting toilets and solar power.


The family have shown their Millennial Tiny House at 2017's Auckland Home Show, which was toured by thousands and viewed by many more on TV3's the AM Show.

Build Tiny's latest model 'The Boomer' will be ready to view at the upcoming Katikati A&P Show.