A man has been arrested following a family violence incident in the Waikato which saw dozens of police and the Armed Offenders Squad called out.

Armed police swarmed the property on Rawhiti Rd in Te Aroha, north of Matamata, after emergency services were called just before 7.30pm.

A police spokeswoman said nobody was believed to have been hurt in the incident, but one of those involved was known to own a firearm and the Armed Offenders Squad had been called out as a precaution.

Locals posted on social media to say more than 10 police cars had sped past on the way to the job, and the police helicopter and dog squads were in the area.


Cordons had been put in place near the property on Rawhiti Rd, north of Te Aroha, but some of the cordons have now been stood down, the police spokeswoman said.

Waikato Police said around 11.30pm a man had been taken into custody and noone had been hurt in the incident.

"The situation was resolved peacefully. We know there are a few rumours floating around but nobody has been injured. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation as we worked to resolve this."

Police are responding to a family violence incident in Rawhiti Road, Te Aroha. AOS are being used as a precaution and...

Posted by Waikato Police on Sunday, 14 January 2018