A spectator has described the horrifying moments after a photographer was critically injured when they were struck by a stock car at the Waikaraka Park Speedway this evening.

Police said in a statement that a worker at the speedway had been hit by a stock car, sustaining critical injuries. St John Ambulance paramedics already at the speedway took the person to Auckland Hospital just after 8pm.

A man in the crowd, who did not want to be identified, said the person was in the infield area when they were struck by a stockcar being driven by a longtime Waikaraka driver.

"The car came around the back straight and around the turn. The person standing there was obviously too close to the track and the car clipped him.


"He flew 10 metres and rolly-pollied and then stayed still ... the car was going full speed."

As others rushed to help, the driver emerged from his car, the man said.

"He put his hands on his head."

Racing was stopped after the incident, but spectators remain at the venue as it may start again, the man said.

Speedway president Frank Irvine said a photographer had been injured but he was unsure what had happened at this stage.