An Auckland golfer was left with just a club and a ball after all his gear was stolen during a round of golf at an East Auckland course.

Golf enthusiast Tom Owen said he knows where his things are - having tracked his stolen phone to a nearby residential address - but police are yet to take any action.

He said his things were taken as he teed off at the 13th hole at the Howick Golf Club last month.

The rest of Owen's equipment was mere metres away in shelter under trees further down the fairway.

After playing his shot he was shocked to discover his golf bag containing about $2000 worth of equipment had been stolen.


"I went to put my driver back into my bag and it was gone," he said.

His complete golf set was taken, including clubs, bag, trundler, clothing, golf balls and his mobile phone.

Owen suspects a thief saw his golf bag from the road and made off with it while he was teeing off.

He returned home where tracking software showed his phone was at a property near the green.

"I tracked it to an address on Pigeon Mountain Rd, not far from the golf club," he said.

"The phone stopped right outside the door."

Owen then filed a report with police.

Deciding to confront the residents himself, he was met at the door by a woman who claimed she had no knowledge of the stolen clubs.

He then got a friend to call his phone, which he now thinks was not the best idea.

"I probably made a mistake because one of my friends gave me a call and they obviously realised there was a phone in there and they switched it off."

Owen said he was still waiting to hear back from police.

Today a police spokesman said it was an "active file".

Police dealt with a high number of cases at any given time and based on the type of crime and resources available some investigations could take some time.

"Police do our best to follow up lines of enquiry in a timely manner. Police have received a report of this theft and have lines of enquiry to follow up in this matter," he said.