The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) has lowered the speed limits of seven North Island areas after communities expressed their concerns about their safety.

Effective immediatley, the speed limits will decrease for stretches of roads at Puhoi, Kaukapakapa, Pukenui and Houhora.

"We are grateful to the many people who've given us feedback as this demonstrates the lower speed limits will clearly be welcomed by the communities," NZTA's system design mangager Brett Gliddon said.

At Puhoi, north Auckland, the 80km/h speed limit on State Highway 1 through Johnstones Hill tunnel will be extended north to the Puhoi Rd intersection, down from 100km/h.


The speed limit from SH1 to the 50km/h zone in Puhoi village will also fall from 100km/h to 80km/h.

In northwest Auckland, a new limit of 80km/h will be extended north of North Cres to west of Kanohi Rd on SH16 at Kaukapakapa.

South of Kaukapakapa village, the exisiting 50km/h zone will be extended southeast of Opoto Pl on SH16 and the stretch of road south of Opoto Pl will decrease from 100km/h to 80km/h until after Henley Rd.

In Houhora, Far North, an 80km/h speed limit will be put in place on SH1 south of Saleyard Ave to north of Harbour View Rd. A 50km/h speed limit will be introduced north of Harbour View Rd to south of Harbour View Rd for the Pukenui community as well.

Gliddon said the residents had expressed concerns that the legal speed limits in their areas were too high and they were concerned for their safety.

"Reducing speed limits and making the road and roadside more forgiving of human error reduces the risk of crashes and limits their severity," he said.