Remnants of a skinned animal left in a Pizza Hut car park have shocked and disgusted members of the public.

Hibiscus Coast woman Savannah Dale spotted what looked to be part of a skinned dog left in the car park today.

"I had finished work, and gone to Pizza Hut for dinner to bring home, and I parked next to it," she said.

"I got out, had a look to try fathom how, what and why."


It was difficult to tell what exactly she was seeing, but Dale thought it might be part of a leg or tail dumped outside the shops.

She went into the store to order her food and tried not think about the gruesome sight outside, then asked the staff if they knew whether the landlady might be able to remove it.

"I showed them and they called out the guys at the liquor store. The guys at the liquor store said it had been there since yesterday."

The Herald received images of the unknown subject, but they are too disturbing to publish.

Dale took to Facebook to ask other Hibiscus Coast residents whether they had seen what she described as "literally a pile of skin and fur".

Some suggested it might be part of a goat or cat, while others thought it could have been part of dog that fell off the back of a ute.

Dale told the Herald she had done "a fair few animal dissections" while studying for her zoology degree, and said the remains looked perfectly skinned and carved.

"The gore part of it wasn't so bad, but what really gets me is how someone could do that to an animal . . . and where it was left, a public place and an odd little parking lot. It just baffles me, and I'm sitting here thinking that there was a story to it we don't know and a life lost.


"Doesn't matter if it was goat, cat or dog. [It] was still a life taken with no respect, it seems."

A Pizza Hut worker confirmed the animal part was in their car park on Saturday, but does not know of its origins or where it has gone now.

Police have had no reports of a missing "dog" in the area, and assume the animal was taken to a vet to get treated.