There was anger in the public gallery as Horowhenua District Council voted to sell off 115 pensioner houses across Levin and Foxton.

Nine Councillors ignored the Mayor's motion to stall the sale process.

He wanted the Finance and Risk Committee look at the sale and for councillors to get a briefing on it.

"This has just gone straight to in committee, with only one councillor involved in the evaluation of the whole proposal, in terms of those that put in expressions of interest. Remember council voted me out of that committee because I had a conflict of interest Because I've been vocal in my manifesto to get elected, I had said I wanted to retain pensioner housing," says Mayor of Horowhenua Michael Feyen.

Some members of the public, who spoke at the meeting, were shocked at the behaviour of the council.

"We are talking about our assets, we own this! You do not! You are here to work in the best interests of us," says Brian Ten Have, Horowhenua resident.

At times it became heated.

"I would appreciate it if you people would look at me while I'm speaking. Confidence in the council is at a low point and making decisions behind closed doors allows individuals to escape responsibility for decisions they make," says Jenny Luanda, Foxton Community Board member.

Deputy Mayor Wayne Bishop however, stuck up for the sale, saying keeping them was not financially feasible.

"There was no amount accounted for repaying the debt. There was an amount for repaying interest on the debt, but there was no available funds within that activity to repay the principal on that nearly 5 million dollar loan," says Mr Bishop.

The council won't say which organisation is what it describes as the "preferred stock transfer partner".

According to a source, the meeting considered a bid by the Sisters of Compassion to buy the houses.

The Wellington based Catholic Charity's manager Gerard McGarvey confirmed to NZME that they had put in an offer for the houses and expected a result in the next few days.

The Council says there will be an announcement within the next eight weeks.

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