A cider company offering free 'Scrumpy-tape' in a social media giveaway pulled the post after being accused of encouraging irresponsible drinking.

In a complaint to the Advertising Standards authority (ASA), complainant A Hills said the giveaway was "clearly alluding to the game 'scrumpy hands' where scrumpy is taped to the hands and must be finished before the bottle can be removed."

The use of a wink emoji in the post further confirmed this, they said.

Scrumpy pulled the Facebook promotion encouraging followers to look out for how they could "get their mitts" on the Scrumpy-branded packing tape after receiving the complaint.


Given the company's co-operation with the process and the self-regulatory
action taken in removing the advertisement, the ASA chairman said that it would serve no further purpose to place the matter before the Complaints Board.

The chairman ruled that the matter was settled.