St John's Church has been inundated with offers of buildings to host its Sunday services and ministries.

Reverend Ed Masters said they has received more than 10 offers from other churches and groups around town to use their buildings or offices since Wednesday's devastating fire.

"We've had countless offers of space and huge amounts of generosity offered to us. We're so humbled and we're feeling incredibly grateful and loved by the community," Mr Masters said.

After yesterday's outdoor service, Mr Masters said the St John's congregation would meet in the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre's Civic Theatre for the next two weeks after an offer from the Rotorua Lakes Council.


He said the support from the public - whether connected to the church or not - had been overwhelming.

"It speaks of what a wonderful community the Rotorua community is and what a great and supportive and caring community it is as well."

Mr Masters said the gathering yesterday to worship was "wonderful".

"That's what we do as God's people. Even in the midst of real challenges, trials and grief we still keep gathering to worship."

One of the offers came from local businessman Ray Cook who offered St John's the use of office space.

"We don't want any recognition for it to be honest, we were just helping out a good cause. Obviously they're in a predicament and we're in a position where we can help," Mr Cook said.

31 Mar, 2017 7:00am
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"I think we're only doing what anyone else would do in that position."

Mr Cook said he was "the furthest person from religion you could get" but that didn't make a difference.

"I suppose it's all about living in a good community - if you're in a position to help somebody you help them.

"I feel for them. It's terrible what's happened. It was such a great church and it was an important part of our community."

Mr Masters said the offers and support gave St John's "so much hope and encouragement for the task ahead".