A notorious accident blackspot on a highway intersection has had its road markings obliterated by "doughnuts" after scores of boy racers used it as a playground.

Exasperated residents living near the State Highway 1 crossroad on the outskirts of Seddon are ready to take matters into their own hands and plan to put in a camera to catch the culprits.

Photographs have been posted on social media showing a mess of blackened circular skid marks covering the intersection's turning lanes.

A picture taken from a drone shows the shocking scrawl left on the highway from two night where more than 100 boy racers gathered over the holiday period for burnouts.


Resident Bob Palmer told Fairfax neighbours were disgusted by the boy racer antics and feared people's lives had been put at risk.

The Redwood Pass and Awatere Valley Rd intersection was notorious for crashes.

"It's very dangerous and we'd like to catch them."

An attendee told Fairfax up to 200 cars from across the Nelson-Marlborough region gathered on Friday for the meet.

He said the idea was to have fun, slay tyres and socialise.

He disputed claims other motorists were put in danger.

"When we are out on the streets we are keeping our cars controlled, for example in tight doughnuts around road cones. If traffic comes we get out of the way."

Marlborough highway patrol team leader Sergeant Barrie Greenall said no formal complaints had been made to police about the latest episode.

If caught drivers faced having their vehicles immediately siezed and losing their licence if convicted.