A rabbit has died after apparently being forced to inhale marijuana in Auckland.

"Recently, an anonymous call tipped us off to a 'sick' rabbit and upon arriving at the property one of our drivers found a bunny left in a cage in a critical condition," a post on the SPCA Auckland Facebook page said.

"Back at the hospital, the residue and smell of marijuana on the rabbit's fur and his lack of responsiveness quickly led the SPCA Auckland team to conclude that he had been forced to inhale the drug.

"The team worked hard to revive the poor rabbit and were able to stabilise him for a while, however, as a few days passed it became apparent that the rabbit had lost considerable brain function. Sadly, he didn't make it.


"For reasons that we cannot fathom, it appears some people derive amusement from forcing animals to consume alcohol and drugs. This is always detrimental to the animals health and as this case demonstrates it can prove fatal.

"Animals should not be fed any kind of illicit substances and their diets should be species-specific to avoid unintentional poisoning.

"We hope this tragic case serves as a lesson to all."