A University of Waikato student has issued an apology over a line he used to win votes in his student union election.

"If I had one vote for every girl on this campus I've shagged, I would get this role easily," bragged Alex Winiata, in student rag Nexus Magazine.

Winiata, who works at a clothing store, made the comment in a Waikato Students Union candidate profile.

He is running for election for one of eight student director positions on the WSU.


But his boast caused outrage in the university's student community

And he has since issued an apology on his Facebook page.

"I accept that a comment I have made recently was in bad taste. To this I apologise for the offence this has caused. However I meant no disrespect at all.

"Some people have taken this comment I made in a 'student magazine' out of context and reacted disproportionately. To you I am sincerely sorry, but like all kiwis I put my all into everything I do.

"I don't want one person's opinion to portray how other people should think of me. If you haven't seen the lady's public dig at me, don't waste your time it's just something that's been taken the wrong way. I'm loving life and won't let this get me down!"