Runaway Bachelorette Rosie Kininmonth is embroiled in a workplace stoush with her former employer - and is now awaiting a date with the Employment Relations Authority.

Kininmonth - who quit the The Bachelor NZ in its debut show in 2015 after deciding Art Green wasn't for her - has lodged a claim with the ERA seeking $31,000 from Auckland-based real estate company, The Property Market.

She joined the company in March 2015 - after walking out on the reality TV dating show - and told the Herald on Sunday she sold 21 properties, with a combined value of $17.7 million, before resigning in May.

The claim relates to a bill Kininmonth received shortly before resigning from the company for $31,000 from the Inland Revenue, including outstanding taxes, student loan repayments, KiwiSaver and ACC levies.


Kininmonth says she believes she was an employee, and not a contractor, for The Property Market and that her taxes were being managed by the company and its accountants.

"It's not just a massive bill I'm facing through no fault of my own, but it's also the ramifications if payments aren't made," she said.

"Incremental late payment penalties will be imposed.

"I do not believe I am liable for this and I am panicking about it. The financial damage for me is perpetual."

Documents cited by the Herald on Sunday show Kininmonth received a written apology from the accountancy company handling The Property Market's accounts for a "genuine misunderstanding" over its handling of the 32-year-old's tax status.

It outlined that Kininmonth had been overpaid for the year ending March 31, 2016, and not enough deductions had been made towards income tax, a student loan, ACC and KiwiSaver.

Kininmonth is not seeking money from the accountancy company.

Property Market boss Baker confirmed Kininmonth has lodged a claim with the ERA. She said she could not comment further because a legal process was under way.

"We look forward to participating fully and openly in the process," Baker said.

Cloud Accountants director Justin Keen said he could not comment as the company did not wish to affect the ERA process.

"We are doing everything that we can to assist," he said.

Papers have been lodged with the ERA, who are yet to set a hearing date.